Wellness for APS

APS Wellness Program

The APS Wellness program was established in 1986 by Arlington Employee Assistance Program for APS employees. The mission of Arlington EAP is to provide free, confidential support to; 1) assist employees with preventing or resolving personal, family and workplace concerns that may affect emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being or job performance; 2) help the organizations create/sustain a culture of health to enhance quality of life as well as promote optimal engagement, personal well-being and professional excellence.

The Wellness program helps achieve the goals that support our mission.  The EAP sponsors several successful employee wellness initiatives including “Health for the Holidays”, Healthy Habits Challenges,  and the Bowling Tournaments in the fall & winter.

Wellness Ambassadors

To ensure system-wide wellness initiatives consistent with varied employee interests the EAP supports a wellness ambassador program.  Each site administrator selects a Wellness Ambassador to lead their commitment to improving their health climate, build wellness awareness and boost employee engagement.  Through consistent education and targeted wellness programs, EAP, in collaboration with our health vendors, promotes the professional, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of Arlington Public School employees.

The EAP collaborates with ACG wellness coordinators and HealthSmart to support ACG wellness initiatives.


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Arlington EAP congratulates the 300 plus employees who participated in our latest health challenge, “Keep APS Active”.  Everyone is a winner because you took the time to focus on your physical and emotional health.  Participants logged activities, including a phenomenal number of daily steps, and addressed your emotional health through two-minute timeouts and meditation.  We salute each of you.  We also commend employees who completed their Annual Health Assessments! And because “Keep APS Active” was a competition we want to especially honor the individuals who embraced the challenge to stand out amongst their peers.  It was a close competition with the leaders distinguishing themselves with both total points and total steps.

Congratulations to the top 2 leaders:

Kathleen Moore (Glebe)  

Michael Kennedy (Barrett)  

We would like to acknowledge these two engaged employees who were solo representatives of their schools.  What a way to lead!

We would also like to acknowledge Individual Leaders:

Maureen Nolan (Jefferson)

Phil Mannos (Gunston)

Mirela Geagla (Arlington Community)

Jo Ann Weiss (Wakefield)

Craig Spraggins (Washington-Lee)

Michael Goodman (Kenmore)

Laura Newbold (Claremont)

Darryl Joyner (Syphax)

Chelsea Marcelin (Claremont)

Ana Ferber (Claremont)

Meagan Cummings (Yorktown)

Debbie Bulford (Science Focus)

Rebecca Zimmerman (Langston)

Chloe Duchaj (Kenmore)

Congratulations to the Winning Team:

BIT WALK (ITCs are rocking wellness!)  (Michael Goodman, Darryl Joyner, Craig Spraggins, Charles Randolph, Marnie Lewis)

Over the 6-week challenge Team BIT Walk accumulated 2,126,525 steps.

Congratulations to the following Teams for their hard work and dedication:

You Go Go, Girl! (261.33)

Williamsburg Wolves #1 (254.67)

Las Chicas Fit (239.25)

ACC Active (234.50)

What an amazing accomplishment!

Spring Bowling Tournament Results

Thank you for participating in our Spring9  Bowling Tournament on 3/22/18. We had 18 teams, 13 sites and 115 participants. Kudos to Claremont who had 5 teams. We look forward to seeing you all for the Fall Bowling Tournament.

Everyone was a winner because we all had great fun. But for those keeping score:

Design & Construction

Kenmore I



Wakefield II

Kenmore II

Claremont V

Claremont II

Claremont III


Trades Center


Claremont IV

Science Focus II

Yorktown II


Science Focus I


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