Wellness for APS

The APS Wellness program was established in 1986 by Arlington Employee Assistance Program for APS employees. The mission of Arlington EAP is to provide free, confidential support to; 1) assist employees with preventing or resolving personal, family and workplace concerns that may affect emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being or job performance; 2) help the organizations create/sustain a culture of health to enhance quality of life as well as promote optimal engagement, personal well-being and professional excellence. The Wellness program helps achieve the goals that support our mission.  The EAP sponsors several successful employee wellness initiatives including Mindfulness, Wellness Challenges and Bowling Tournaments.


                        AEAP Introduces our Spring 2021 Wellness Challenge!

     Now is the time to begin forming your teams to join the Worldwide Wellness Globe Trotting Tour!                                                     

                          AEAP Introduces our Spring 2021 Wellness Challenge

                Spring Worldwide Wellness Challenge – Registration Opens 4-12-21


Transform your well-being with the $10,000 School Team Challenge!

 If weight loss is one of your New Year’s Goals, consider joining the $10,000 School Team Challenge and stay motivated to get healthy! Thank you for your selfless efforts that support caring for students throughout the year, both inside and outside of the classroom. Now, it’s more important than ever for hardworking educators to prioritize personal well-being. This 12-week weight loss challenge is the perfect opportunity to lose some weight, win some money, and have fun. AEAP 2021 Healthy Wage Challenge


                                 HEALTH FOR THE HOLIDAYS WELLNESS CHALLENGE

Health For The Holidays

Join Health-for-the-Holidays-2020

Looking for a way to relieve holiday stress and maintain balance? Then sign up for Health for the Holidays.  Registration is open and you can start logging your activities now. In this lighthearted wellness campaign, you’ll “paint” engaging winter scenes from around the world — and build sustainable healthy habits — to help you feel your best through the season. (To make it even more fun — and simple — you can use a tracking device to record your daily steps. Just put on the wireless activity tracker in the morning, sync it with your computer or app, and your steps automatically load to your Health for the Holidays account. We need team leaders to jump-start this competition. If you’d like to: • Recruit others to join you in Health for the Holidays • Enjoy some healthy competition • Motivate others to enhance their health habits • Gain inspiration to meet your own goal, then you’ll be a great team leader.  Register now or contact the AEAP for more information.

HEALTH FOR THE HOLIDAYS 2021 Raffle Winners 2021


                           BurnAlong Welcome Webinars

The Arlington EAP is thrilled to announce our new online fitness and wellness program for employees and their families! We encourage you to attend a Welcome Webinar to learn more about what BurnAlong has to offer and how it can benefit you and your family. Register here: Burn Along Registration

                                                             BurnAlong Promotes Gratitude

APS YoHoHo Spring Wellness Challenge


Our Spring Wellness Challenge was a success because you registered and participated – more than any previous challenge. You tracked your progress and encouraged others. The work you did to address your emotional well-being was particularly inspiring. As a result you are all winners! The linked document (YoHoHo Closing Summary) provides more details about participation and prizes awarded. We look forward to continuing to promote health and well-being. Your ideas and participation are valued. Please visit the EAP’s Resources for more information