Supervisor’s Corner

Informal Referrals to EAP

Supervisor learns of employee having personal problems that have not, as of yet, caused any work performance issues. Supervisor then suggests to employee that he/she make an appointment to see an EA Professional. Registration/Intake form for informal referrals to EAP to be filled in ahead of time and brought to first EAP appointment: Intake-Form-Jan2017

Supervisory Referral

Supervisor has noticed work performance problems such as lateness to work, incomplete or inadequate work product, problems with co-workers, behavioral problems, missing days without explanations, etc. These referrals are voluntary (few exceptions).

  1. Please download the following FORMS to assist you with making supervisory referrals.
  2. Consult with one of the EA Professionals: 703-228-8720

Five Classic Ways to Refer Your Employees: Read this tip sheet for examples of some of the ways a supervisor can approach making the referral.

Medical Accommodations / EAP

For Arlington Public Schools only:  Please consult directly with either Kathy Young (703-228-8727), Bobbie Jaeger (703-228-8729) or Richard Villa (703-228-8725).  We will walk you through the steps whether you are an administrator, supervisor, employee.  If you are looking for an medical accommodation, assistive device recommended or have restrictions that were requested through your physician, then please contact one of us.  We are happy to walk you through the process.  This is the Work Status/Functional Capacities Form but it requires that you do speak with Kathy Young or Bobbie Jaeger first.

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