Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services does EAP offer?

  • Problem identification and assessment  (What is bringing you here?)
  • One-on-One in person counseling
  • Referrals to appropriate outside agencies and follow-up services
  • Crisis Intervention Services and Grief counseling
  • Work/Life Services  ( How to better balance/manage work and family)
  • Assistance for supervisors and managers dealing with employee work performance issues
  • Conflict Resolution(in the workplace)
  • Employee Workshops
  • Caregiver’s Support Group meets monthly – see flyer on Caregivers page
  • Psycho-educational Services
  • Supervisor/Manager Training and Consultation
  • Financial/Legal/Housing referrals
  •  Referrals to behavioral health therapists and programs
  • Wellness activities for APS employees – see upcoming events
  • Arlington EAP oversees  the Federally mandated Department of Transportation (DOT)  alcohol and drug testing program for all CDL drivers in both the school system (APS)  and County Government (ACG).
  • Administer federally governed programs under Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA)

Who is eligible for EAP services?

All employees, supervisors and management, covered family members, retirees of Arlington County Government and Arlington County Public Schools.

Is there a cost for services?

NO.  EAP services are provided to employees at no cost. Referrals to outside providers are not covered by the EAP but coordinated through the employee’s health insurance plan, or self-pay.

Is EAP confidential?

Yes.  The EAP adheres to strict laws regarding confidentiality. All information is held confidential and is protected by the Privacy Act, state and federal regulations as well as organizational policies. Information will only be released with the written consent of the employee or a specific court order requiring disclosure. However, if an employee threatens harm to the organization, to him/herself or another person and/or a child has been abused or neglected, the EAP may notify the appropriate authorities.We offer meetings at satellite offices throughout the County for employees who have difficulty making it to our Clarendon office but also for employees who require a more discreet location. We also offer flexible hours between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Contact the Employee Assistance Professional directly.See attached registration form if you would like to fill this in ahead of time and bring it with you or email it to the EA Professional.
EAP Intake Form 2020

What happens if my supervisor refers me to EAP?

Employees come to the EAP by way of being a “self referral” or a “supervisor referral”. Both referrals are voluntary. However, supervisor referrals are based on performance problems such as absenteeism, tardiness, conduct, work quality, attitude or other behaviors that are considered unacceptable by management. A supervisor referral is NOT DISCIPLINARY,  NOR MANDATORY. The EAP plays a neutral role in the organization and serves only as a support system for employees. Employees are given the option to sign a “release of confidential information” for supervisors for the purpose of acknowledging their participation in the EAP. Due to aforementioned confidentiality rules/laws, no personal information will be revealed, unless —-by the employee. Process referrals through APS are done when there is a request for an accommodation and/or medical return-to-work procedures.

Does the EAP provide long term treatment?

Generally, the EAP does not provide long-term treatment . Short-term problem resolution will be provided if deemed appropriate.  Otherwise, the EA Professional will make appropriate referrals to therapists in the community.

What are the requirements to be an EA Professional?

Employee Assistance Professionals are required to have a Masters degree in social work, counseling, psychology or related fields, be licensed or licensed eligible in substance abuse, mental health issues, and be a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).

How do I access EAP services?

Hours of service are generally 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. You can call 703-228-8720  to make an appointment. We ask that you make an appointment prior to coming to the EAP offices. To schedule an appointment call one of the EA Professionals listed under Contacts and leave a confidential voice mail that you would like to schedule an appointment.  Appointments are generally scheduled within 3 business days.Our offices are  located at  2847 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA,  22201 at the intersection of N. Fillmore St.  Park in the rear of the building and come in through the back entrance.  Ample free parking is available and you do not need a sticker to park here.We also offer appointments at a number of satellite offices throughout Arlington County for employees requesting this in advance.  Contact an Employee Assistance Professional directly.  If you are interested in saving a little time when you come for your appointment you may complete the intake forms in advance: EAP Intake Form 2020