May is Mental Health Month #2

Arlington EAP has received an influx of inquiries with concerns ranging from managing anxiety, fear, stress and isolation as a result of COVID-19. While we recognize the importance of physical distancing and sheltering at home, many employees are finding COVID-19 restrictions challenging.  This global pandemic has thrust us into uncharted territory creating uncertainty about next steps.  We must continue practicing patience and self-care strategies while our government agencies, medical professionals, and scientists work diligently to find effective remedies to combat the Novel Coronavirus. If you would like to learn more to help you understand your feelings, manage your thoughts and emotions, and minimize anxiety as well as ways to stay connected during isolation, please review the attachment (Managing Isolation Anxiety).  Sometimes we forget to tap into our own strengths. Please note the closing message to recognize your own resiliency.  Remember that your Arlington EAP is available to assist you and your family members with free confidential counseling, resources, and training. Additional resources are available on our  under the COVID Resources tab.