Work Colleague Relationships

Q:  I am having difficulty with a co-worker who is jealous of another of my co-workers platonic friendship. This jealousy is creating problems because she is talking about us to other staff people, spreading rumours and saying inappropriate things to others about us.

A:  If an employee finds that relationship issues arise because of interactions with a peer or peers, and find that they cannot manage the situation within their department, office, campus or division, it may benefit that employee to schedule an appointment with one of the EA Professionals.  This appointment may assist the employee in discussing frustrations, handling difficult situations, managing their own emotions productively, and developing strategies for improving relationships.   The EAP session is designed to optimize work productivity, while maintaining professional boundaries with colleagues, which, in turn, serves to  provide the best level of service to our customers, the citizens of Arlington and the employees of Arlington Public Schools and Arlington County Government.