Questions Regarding Budget and Other Concerns.

Q:  I’m a Teacher in Arlington Public Schools and have some concerns about the budget, specific questions regarding staffing and other dynamics within my school environment.

A:  Thank you for your question.  The EAP is a free confidential resource for any employee with professional and personal challenges.  You are welcome to schedule an appointment to speak with one of the EA Professionals.  However, any questions regarding staffing budgets, administration and staffing at your school should be addressed to HR directly.  You may also benefit from consulting with your school administrators and participating in town hall meetings concerning the APS budget.

The EAP office can support APS employees with the following topics:

Support for physical, emotional, and psychological well-being

Counseling to help manage stress better

Events planned to educate and reduce stigma

Please access the information and resources available on the EAP website which also offers self-assessments and tools.