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Arlington EAP congratulates the 300 plus employees who participated in our latest health challenge, “Keep APS Active”.  Everyone is a winner because you took the time to focus on your physical and emotional health.  Participants logged activities, including a phenomenal number of daily steps, and addressed your emotional health through two-minute timeouts and meditation.  We salute each of you.  We also commend employees who completed their Annual Health Assessments!And because “Keep APS Active” was a competition we want to especially honor the individuals who embraced the challenge to stand out amongst their peers.  It was a close competition with the leaders distinguishing themselves with both total points and total steps.

Congratulations to the top 2 leaders:

Kathleen Moore (Glebe)

 Michael Kennedy (Barrett)

 We would like to acknowledge these two engaged employees who were solo representatives of their schools.  What a way to lead!

Congratulations to the Winning Team: BIT WALK (ITCs are rocking wellness!) 

(Michael Goodman, Darryl Joyner, Craig Spraggins, Charles Randolph, Marnie Lewis)

Over the 6-week challenge Team BIT Walk accumulated 2,126,525 steps.

What an amazing accomplishment!



EAP staff

EAP Overview

Arlington Public Schools (APS) and Arlington County Government (ACG) support a joint Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide free, confidential, professional assistance to employees and their families to help resolve personal, family, or work-related concerns that may impact emotional, physical, or spiritual well-being and potentially affect, the employees’ job performance.  Staff assist with onsite crisis/grief responses, offer supervisor/management consultation, and conduct employee and supervisory training.

EAP staff is committed to helping both APS and ACG attract and retain high quality professionals.  We recognize that retention is impacted by work climate and available supportive services to help manage life events.

The EAP is a comprehensive resource to help address a wide variety of personal and professional challenges.  There are times when employees experience health conditions that may impact their ability to safely perform all of their job responsibilities.

We partner with HR and management to determine the best way to support both the employee and the organization in these situations.

The EAP collaborates with APS wellness ambassadors and HealthSmart staff to promote well-being as well as support school and county wellness initiatives.

We manage the DOT testing program consistent with federal and state guidelines.  Arlington Public School staff also utilize the EAP to administer key programs related to safety and employee well-being (e.g. OSHA compliance) as well as to assist Human Resources with medical accommodation requests, attendance verification, and Family Medical Leave (FML).

The EAP is staffed by licensed behavioral health professionals who have a combined total of over sixty years of EAP experience as well as specialized behavioral health training.

As an internal EAP, staff have the advantage of understanding organizational structure and internal resources that may assist with resolving workplace concerns.

EAP Location and Access

The EAP is conveniently located in downtown Clarendon, accessible by public transportation (between Courthouse and Clarendon Metro, ART Bus)

The office is at the corner of Wilson Blvd. and N. Fillmore Street. Enter the free parking lot from N. Fillmore Street.

 Marshall Building 2847 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA  22201

EAP Main Number  703-228-8720

The entrance is in the back of the building.  Please ring the doorbell upon your arrival once inside the foyer. 

 Our core Business Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We offer flexible hours and have individual appointment times as early as 7:00 am and as late as 5:00 pm.

Call 703-228-8720 to schedule an appointment.  For URGENT concerns after hours,  call 703-228-8720 for instructions on contacting the on call EAP Professional.